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Welcome to The Cookiers! 

the secret to making ridiculously awesome cookies

How does the FOMO PROMO work?

We've never done this before but we want you to be able to take a peek inside The Cookiers for a month to see how awesome it really is.


Access to The Cookie Library

ALL previous business classes and cookie tutorials ranging from beginner to challenging

  • Over 40 cookie technique tutorials

  • 8 (instant access) business classes, including last month's pricing class

  • 2 macaron classes (American and French)

  • How to make a cookie cake classes and recipes

  • Tried and true sugar cookie & royal icing cut out recipes

  • a resource guide of product reviews and tools


  • join us for June's Summer cookie tutorials (taught by Maya of @paintedladiespastry - these are so good!)

  • we'll see you at June's live business class

  • also at June's hot seat q&a call, get clarity in your business by getting all your questions answered or we can do a social media review on your account

  • we also have a social media challenge (based on Maya's tutorials) that we will post at the end of the month

  • A community of the most helpful and supportive Cookiers you'll find. You've found your people. You belong.

COST = $1... value = priceless (seriously)

Let us know before June 5th, 2021 at midnight if you don't want to stay and no questions asked, you just got all that for $1. WE HONESTLY MIGHT BE CRAZY (AND WE LOVE IT).

If you do stay, The Cookiers is just $17/mo.


No matter what part of the cookie journey you're on (beginner, hobby baker or pro cookier) 

The Cookiers is what you've been looking for...

Royal Icing Sugar Cookie Tutorials
The Cookiers is the answer to your frustrations in your cookie business as we:

 learn top trending cookie techniques with monthly tutorials 

 implement modern marketing to skyrocket your customer base

learn and grow in the most supportive online community ever! Seriously, the best! these are your people.

social media strategy sessions and growth hacking

level up your cookie


The Cookiers is only open for enrollment a couple times a year.

We want    

    to invite you to a community that's 


Cookier's lives.  

You could be the next success story.

Where will you be one year from today?

Take that first step

with us.

 If you're like most of us you...
  • are tired of sacrificing family time to juggle orders
  •  want to make the newest trending techniques 
  • want more dependable, constant recurring revenue 
  • want to use your skills to serve others 
  • want to grow your social media presence
  • believed the only way to make more money was sacrificing more time making more cookies
  • want to grow your customer base
  • want to find direction and clarity (and your kitchen table)


Whether you are:

- A new beginner to the cookie scene trying to find direction 

- A hobby baker trying to make a difference in the world

- Or a cookie pro looking to grow and scale their business

You've officially found your cookie tribe. Welcome.

We are the people that will obsess over your success!


Join us now to help shape our community 


Finally get the business you imagined:

Doors are only open for enrollment and this will be the last time this year.

Take advantage of the opportunity while you can!
Check out some of the benefits
This isn’t like any other community as you get to connect through coaching and benefit from the most amazing peer-to-peer mentoring while we focus each month on techniques, service, business and community.

Learn New Skills and Make Awesome Cookies

- learn a new technique, tutorial, product, or we'll have a guest teacher demonstrate the cookie of the month

- we'll put those techniques to work as we participate in a monthly social media challenge based on the technique learned (theme decided on by you by voting)

- Keep creativity alive by doing at least this one personal artistic outlet each month. This will do wonders for the soul, stretch your skills and put the fun back in cookies. 

Strategy Sessions and Growth Hacking Secrets  
- I grew my Instagram account to 220,000 + followers organically. I want to teach you how.

- I spent year after year trading hours for money. If I needed more money, something in my life had to give because I had to put in more hours. After over ten years of hard research, business conferences, interviews, podcasts, thousands of hours in courses (and dollars too), I finally got it. I finally figured out the commonalities among the people who work smarter not harder and actually make the money - hint: it's not about putting in more hours.

- We will go in depth and create your ideal business framework. School has it all wrong, the classic way to do business is backwards. I'll show you how to get money quickly and use that to make even more money. 


Teaching Templates Done for You

A Teacher’s Resource Guide
- If you teach in person classes, you can watch/print the monthly tutorial set and coordinating instructional pamphlet to teach to your own in person classes. No worrying about coming up with something yourself, get teacher resources done for you so you can just print and teach.


To Serve and Lift Up
- Get a dose of inspiration from your fellow cookiers as we highlight the great things you are doing within your community, family, friends, and complete strangers. This isn’t bragging, this is inspiration in its truest form.

- Use your skills to do good and be the sunshine in someone’s day and then share with us how you have used your skills and knowledge to help another this month. How do you change the world? By serving one person at a time.

- Let's record and smash our own record by counting how many cookies we can donate as a community to others through our talents. Let's make an impact. 



Support & Friendship
- This is your invitation to the most supportive and uplifting online communities.

- The Cookiers is a safe spot where we lift each other up, hold each other accountable and improve our cookie skills, mindset, integrate modern marketing techniques into our business, organically grow our social media, contribute to monthly service as well as cookie challenges. But the best part is having a group of people that sincerely want you to succeed and will help you along your journey. Collaboration over competition. 



You also get:
- You will get a bonus class described below...

PLUS, AS A DOUBLE BONUS: You have the possibility to make money on your investment by becoming an affiliate for our community. For any open enrollment period, each person you share your referral link with, you will not only be high-fived from your friends for inviting them in, but you will also make money on each referral - not credit - actual cash. Ca-ching!

This isn't a course that ONLY teaches you things where you ONLY gain knowledge. This is a hands on community where you learn things, gain knowledge and do actionable steps that give you a final product - your business framework - as you go. You come away with progress, momentum and a physical framework for your business.

Plus as an added bonus you get the

A-Z Cookie Guide

(this can be found in the Cookie Library for $57)

yours free with The Cookiers


Included is a secret bonus chapter that's only available to The Cookiers

 No secrets left untold!

  • Let's start at the beginning with ingredients and my secret recipes (that has been tried and tested and tried some more and is so good).
  • Then a step by step video guide including dough making, rolling, freezing, icing consistencies and coloring tricks.
  • ​Next, you'll see a cookie baked, evened, outlined, flooded, stored and all the tips that you wish you would have known when you started.
  • ​ Following that is a module on resources and tools that are essential, which are just cool to have and which might hang out in your cookie drawer not used much.
  • After that you will find a collection of the best kept secrets and tips from cookies near and far giving advice and talking you through the trends and struggles of the cookie life and helping you overcome your troubleshooting problems. (This is one heck of a grand finale!)
Your Bonus Secret Chapter:
  • This is a collection of the best kept secrets and tips from cookiers near and far sharing advice and talking you through the trends and struggles of the cookie life and helping you overcome your troubleshooting problems. (This is one heck of a grand finale!) It includes tips and tricks on all topics in the cookie decorating and selling process.
"I don't even recognize my own cookies, they look so AWESOME! My business has TRIPLED and I actually have MORE TIME with my family."

- You in one year from today


Some courses or memberships will teach you things, which is great because you gain knowledge... BUT

this will be a much different experience as it is a hands on experience where you will see progress and momentum in both your cookie skills and your business.

This is a community where you not only gain knowledge but you will do actionable steps that give you a final product - your business framework - as you go. Your skills and business will change and grow each month. Can you imagine where you'll be a year from today by applying these principles each month?

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A few examples of the many tutorials in The Cookiers:

hi. I'm Mitzi.

I'm a sprinkle loving, self-proclaimed cookiepreneur - in that order. When I'm not geeking out about copywriting and marketing, you can find me exploring Utah with my husband and four young boys. 

I'm a social media influencer on Instagram (@happyconfetti) where I shares all my adventures. After teaching High School for a few years, I found myself on a business journey going from running a photography studio to creating and hosting a women's conference to running my own social media growth company for small businesses while mastering Instagram to find my role in social media.

It took over ten years and so much research, confrences, podcasts, books, interviews, thousands of hours in classes (and dollars) before I finally figured out what the big time money makers have that we have been missing all this time, and I don't want anyone to waste time in business not making good money (like I did for so long). I thought to make more money, I had to work harder and put in more hours, but everything we learned in school about business is backwards if we want to make money. I'd love to show you how too.

After having my fourth baby and finding a love for the cookie world, I decided to combine my two favorite things, cookies and helping others grow and scale their own business. 

That's how The Cookiers came to be, a community for creative personalities to learn cookie skills as well as build and monetize their business to levels they only dream about. 

Can't wait to meet you on the inside!

Nice to meet you!
HI, MY Name is elizabeth awesome.
Talk about your failure when you first started looking for a solution. Maybe there was a conspiracy against you, a false belief, a misunderstanding.
Show how the traditional methods didn't work and you were super frustrated.
Then, you had an ah-ha moment that brought you the result, benefit, solution you were looking for.

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Imagine how much faster you’ll grow when you’re surrounded by people with the same goals as you and every win is shared. Imagine the power when those people team up together and instead of competing, they all grow and they all win.

Cancel Anytime

I'm so confident that if you participate in the events throughout the month, that you will get so much more value than you paid for, over delivery is definitely something we do. 

But if for some reason you need to cancel, you can cancel anytime. 

No obligations, runarounds or gimmicks. 

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